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Orchid Boarding Fees: 


The Cost of boarding is $3.50 per square feet.*  The minimum space we offer is 5 square feet.( 2.5 x2.1) Note: the charge for this minimum is $25.00 a month). For spaces larger then the minimum the cost remains $3.50 per sq ft.*


Included in your boarding fee is watering, fertilizing, insecticide treatment, and conditions that match the needs of each orchid. Keep in mind that plants must be properly spaced for the best results.


As your orchid begins to send up a bloom spike, it is tenderly staked and tied ready to return to you as it comes into bloom. We will then call you to arrange a pick up date. After it finishes blooming, we welcome it back into the greenhouse with a spa treatment of being groomed, and fertilized for another season of healthy growing!

We must space your plants for proper growth and ease of culture

Tropical and  Patio Plants:


During the bleak days of the winter, board your patio and tropical plants with us.  In our climate controlled greenhouses, your plants will not decline in the compromised conditions that exist in most homes. (dry heat, no humidity or low light) We will welcome your prized plants back into the greenhouses with a spa treatment....

NOTE: Tropical plants such as palm, hibiscus etc. These plants will not be picked up after October 1st because of damage that can be caused by cold nights at that time of year.

Tropical and Patio Plants Boarding Fees:

10 sq. ft minimum @ 3.50 per sq. ft. = $35.00 a month


Boarding fees include:

Grooming, water, fertilizing, pest control and greenhouse growing conditions.


NOTE; All of our greenhouses (beside seedling areas, which are unavailable for boarding) are intermediate greenhouses.(minimum temperatures are 62-64 degrees) Plants that like warmer conditions such as Epidendrums, Dendrobiums Phalaenopsis types and certain Vandas will not do well at these temperatures. We can not be responsible for plants that do not do well in an intermediate greenhouse, and there for can not accept them for boarding.


Now Offering Orchid Boarding

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