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Does your plant need to be repotted but you are not sure  how to go about it?  We offer a repotting service for our orchid loving friends. We will diagnose your plant(s) first, and the process continues from there. 

 -Plants for repotting should be brought on Fridays or Saturdays during regular business hours.

 - You may have to leave your plant(s) depending on how busy we are with regular business or our own repotting.

 - Plants that are too weak or have bugs can not be repotted by us(as these issues can cause problems in our nursery). In these cases we can sell you the mix to repot and advise you on how best to proceed.

Repotting Service fees:

$5.50 up to 4" pot 

$7.00          5" pot

$8.50          6" pot 

$15.00         8 "pot 

$20.00       10"pot

All orchids will be potted in our premium Orchiata Bark, and you'll love the results.

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